Hello and welcome!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Sweden's best school; LTH! If you are reading this then it most likely means that you are an exchange student who has been placed in the computer science guild (the D-guild). In that case; congratulations once again! We will do our best to make sure that you are feeling welcomed and not too lost in the beginning of your stay. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about what this is about, that is completely normal and that is exactly why this website exists. Feel free to read up on our student traditions and what the different guilds do; you can find most of the information here on

You will undergo a nollning here on LTH that lasts for the first couple of weeks. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintance yourself with other people. Please do note that the nollning at LTH and the international nollning at LU are two completely different things. Different groups of people arrange them and the schedules will clash from time to time. This is no problem, though. You can choose freely what activities you want to take part in. However, keep in mind that the people at LTH will (most likely) not know anything about the nollning at LU. Regardless of what you choose to do, it is safe to say that you will have a lot of fun and meet plenty of new friends!

What is a nollning?

Nollning is the Swedish name for Student Orientation Weeks and is what happens at LTH the first five weeks of your stay. It is also know as an Introduction. It begins one week prior to the regular education and this is also the time where the activities are most frequent. There will be lectures during daytime and activities and parties in the evening.

You might feel lonely the first weeks after arriving at a new university, or maybe you will worry about if you will meet any new friends. This is exactly the reason as to why we have a nollning. Lots of new students start without knowing anyone in the entire city, and judging from students prior experience you often meet some of your closest friends during the nollning.

What is a nolla?

A nolla (a zero) is most often a first year student. This student is taken care of by its phaddrar who always make sure the nolla is enjoying him- or herself! You are allowed to take part in plenty of funny parties and activities as a nolla, and also to become acquainted with your classmates. You are a nolla until the the nollegasque (the final party during the nollning) where you will become an etta (first year student) after a completed nollning-mission. If you are an exchange student then there is a great chance that you are not a first year student. This is no problem, you get to take part of all activities anyway!

What is a phadder?

A phadder is an older student who often is dressed in an overall. The phadder knows an awful lot about LTH, the D-guild and about the student life. A phadder also knows virtually everything there is to know about the nollning activities, where lecture halls are located, how to order pizza, and where to go if you miss the last train home. Most of the phaddrar has been educated in leadership, alcohol laws and responsibilites, and a lot more, so do not hesitate to ask them about anything. The phadder exists for You.

What is a peppare?

A peppare is someone who helps staben with their work regarding planning and realizing the nollning. They most often run around dressed in pink to make sure that both nollor and phaddrar are as excited and happy as they possibly can be. They know everything there is to know about how the nollning works - you can always ask a peppare if you've forgotten to buy tickets for an event or if you are unsure about where and when you are supposed to be.

What is staben?

We, who are responsible for the nollning are called Staben. Staben plans and executes the nollning for the D-guild. The work regarding the nollning is led by me, the Överphös, and I've got five members of Staben supporting me this year. Every member of Staben studies either computer science or ICT (Information and Communication Technology) here at LTH, and we are working voluntarily and wholeheartedly in order to create the best nollning ever!

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